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Virtualization CPU RAM Disk Port Bandwidth** Price
Available locations:  Netherlands
+ Control panel with remote control, statistics, tuning settings, VNC/KVM and reinstalls
+ 1 IPv4 and /64 IPv6 prefix dedicated IPs included in every plan
+ Full Disk Encryption available (KVM only)
+ Nested Virtualization supported
+ LXC TUN/TAP/FUSE Devices supported
+ Reverse DNS (PTR) supported
+ Custom ISO Installs (KVM only)
+ Free Basic DDoS Protection Service (up to 10Gbps / 1Mpps included)
+ Dedicated CPU and RAM resources
+ Management service available
+ LXC uses templates (minimal OS pre-installed), KVM uses ISO (OS not pre-installed)
**Unlimited data transfer subject to Fair Usage Policy (i.e. streaming services, more than 500mbps 24/7 is not included, contact us)
Instant and automated delivery after payment
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