Uncensored Hosting

Proudly offering delivering the best uncensored and privacy oriented hosting service around.

Professional hosting for High Risk Businesses.

Keeping you online is our business

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Main Features


Your data is only for your eyes

We support Full Disk Encryption under KVM based Virtual Private Servers, installing from your own custom media or from official operative system ISO's.


Your right to remain anonymous

We don't ask you many questions for signing-up, you optionally provide whatever data you would like to share with us. We support Tor Hosting and access to our site.


Protecting you from threats

Here security is a priority, maintaining the highest possible security standards. From the physical server security to your digital data. Anti-DDoS protection included.

High availability

99.99% uptime guaranteed for your business

Providing premium quality uncensored hosting using redundant and hot-swappable hardware for maximum uptime, every second counts.

Fast and reliable

Fast and un-capped services

Fast hardware meets gigabit networks: We provide the best and fastest services using latest available technologies. From NVMe-SSD disks to 10gbps fiber-optic network channels.

Premium support

A helping hand available 24/7/365

Here you aren't alone when you have a problem, we are available just for you and the problems you may encounter within your daily operations. Our Friendly support staff will help on a best effort basis.

Hosted Offshore

Offshore Datacenter Locations

Our datacenters are located in offshore hosting locations providing a nice background for your data and privacy. Service runs from Dominica.

And many more...

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use 100% of the resources?

Of course, VPS resources are dedicated for each customer and you can use them at your will, anytime within your paid term.

Do you offer encryption and SSL?

Yes, we always try to use encryption when available and encourage customers to use encryption layers when possible. We also provide our PGP key.

Do I need to supply any personal data?

No, we don't require you to submit your personal data ever, you can do so optionally for invoicing purposes. You can also access our services via tor (onion address link)

Can I host X service with you?

Yes, our policy is to not censor nor to judge anything you host. You are always notified of any abuse and only suspend service with a valid court order, however we don't tolerate any criminal activities.

Do you block or filter any port?

No ports are blocked or filtered in anyway unless enabling anti-ddos protection which may temporarily filter, block and rate-limit malicious traffic.

Are you resellers or own the hardware?

We privately own all the hardware and network equipment ourselves, we don't resell or lease from third parties, except for domain registration.

Do you have any test IP or trial to test your network?

Unfortunately we don't provide such tests. We run our own network and AS with multiple fibre up-links and carriers.

Which payment method do you accept?

Many payment methods and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are accepted, check our current payment methods.

Our control panel

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VPN Management

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Offered Services

Web Hosting

Cheap Anti-DDoS Web Hosting

  • DDoS protected hosting
  • Fast NVMe storage disks
  • Automatic backup service
  • PHP support
  • Unlimited bandwidth available
  • Shared/dedicated IP addresses
  • Anonymous SMTP email relay
  • Free DNS hosting
Starting from €3.99 per month

Virtual Private Servers

Uncensored Virtual Dedicated Servers

  • KVM Dedicated resources
  • SSD or NVMe drives only
  • Free Anti-DDoS Protection
  • Full Disk Encryption supported
  • Install OS using your own ISO (Windows available)
  • Private Network and rDNS support
  • Native IPv4 and IPv6 ready
  • TUN/TAP/FUSE LXC Support
Starting from €9.99 per month

Dedicated Servers

Uncensored Dedicated Servers

  • Bare Metal Hardware
  • Fully Dedicated Hardware resources
  • Control panel with power control, VNC, PXE and statistics
  • 1Gbps up to 10Gbps dedicated port
  • Unmetered bandwidth option available
  • Private Network and rDNS support
  • IPv4 and IPv6 /64 subnet included
  • Anti-DDoS Protection
Starting from €59.99 per month

Privacy VPN

Truly Zero Logs VPN

  • Anonymous service
  • Unblock services / P2P
  • Strong AES-256 encryption
  • OpenVPN based
  • Internal DNS and Tor proxy
  • Unlimited bandwidth available
  • Automatic Remote Port Forwarding
  • P2P Allowed
  • DMCA Ignored
  • Logging goes to /dev/null
Starting from €0.10 per day

Anonymous Domains

Confidential domain ownership service

  • Highest confidentiality - 100% Anonymous
  • We will never request your personal details (No KYC)
  • Managed DNS Hosting
  • DNSSEC Support
  • Domain and email forwarding
  • Glued name-servers support
Starting from €8.99 per year